light means that you can see everything, 
outside like inside things on the same time, too. 
you can see the room or house 
in which you live, 
you can see the green grass 
and the beautiful flowers, the trees 
and the vast countryside... 
even you can see the sounds... 
the noise of the traffic, the singing of the birds, talking and laughing of men 
and naturally you can see your body, too... 
how he sit there and reading this lines, 
you can see the vibe of his energy... 
also you can see the feeling of yourself just now, it's very easy, 
just now in this very moment when you look on this written letters... 
you can see the certain energy, 
when you start to dig in your past memories 
and how this energy changes in different forms 
of emotions and moods which depends on the past impressions what do you bring out... 
you can see every little and smallest movement whatsoever it is... 
but only one thing is impossible to see... 
it is this light... 
it is not possible... 
because you are the light


feel yourself in every emotion...
feel yourself if you think about something... 
feel yourself in and as your body... 
feel yourself in everything what you see... 
feel yourself in the other... 
feel yourself as the earth... 
feel yourself as the universe with no beginning and no end... 
feel yourself if you listen to something. 
doesn't matter what's going on, 
feel yourself... 
when you start to think about past memories and 
you produce emotions out of that, 
just start to feel yourself again and stay with yourself, 
without continue to think
than like a flash, you will see something, 
you will get a taste of something inexpressible, 
impossible to hold or catch it... 
the only thing what you can do is to hold again this certain 
feeling of yourself, this i amness, as it is just now when you read this lines...
this is a kind of knocking at the door, 
be playfull and not serious yet still full of awarness... 
in this light you will see everything, 
the world around you, your body... 
you will see when you start to think... 
than it will be no more so easy to think every time... 
finally even you will see yourself this certain feeling of i amness in this light... 
and also this last small white cloud of i amness from yourself will disappear and only the blue sky without beginning and end is left...
eternal light. 
from now on it is no more possible to confuse yourself with any notion, because the tiniest ripple will be seen as a product from this eternal light what are you



don't be afraid of yourself, 
every thought and memory what you start,  
is already past... 
just see the last minutes, 
you got new impressions what you didn't 
know hours before...but 
as you see very clear, 
if you bring out them now,  
they're already past. 
just out of this oldest habit, 
living in this past happenings 
and playing always with this past thoughts 
and memories, 
you know yourself only 
in this projections, what you start 
again and again... 
the only thing what you have to see,  
is not confuse yourself 
with this past thoughts and memories, 
because you're the source 
of all what you can see... 
have more and more trust in yourself 
than in your own projections 
of past things


dear friend you are afraid of death

because you feel yourself apart from life

but trust are not apart from life


thats why...

there is no more death


end - beginning

where all the things come to an end

there is the beginning....


the enlightenment dream

when you wake up from this dream...

be carefull and make sure

that you stand up and

not only make a turn in the bed

to start another dream...

the dream of enlightenment

how long does it take to get enlightened?

a student asked a master,
‘If I work very hard,
how long will it take for me to be enlightened?
the master replied,
‘about ten years.’

the student replied,
‘than i will work twice as hard,
how long will it take?'
'i think more then twenty years.'
the master says.

'master i will work three times as hard,
how long?'
'well then,' said the master, 'it will take thirty years.'

‘but, I don’t understand…
the student replied,
why does it take longer when I work harder?
the master replied,
'first you looking for an illusionary goal and second,
because of that you walk on a path which doesn't exists


most of us believe they know that they're thinking... 
but if you really become aware of thinking, 
you see for the first time 
that it  
who are thinking... 
you...just now... 
you are the source of thinking  
and thinking is possible only 
because of past events, 
otherwise you are, 
even when you thinking, you, 
than you can think whenever you want,  
you can enjoy it or 
simply you leave it alone

it is like it is,

no escape,

accept it,

and you accept yourself,

no problem at all,

everything is at ease,

everything is you,

here and now...